fredag 25. april 2008

The questions the Cat didn´t ask

Are you a tidy, likeable human being?
Do you hide your anxiety behind small talk and matter of course nonsense?
Did your, at one time, lover bite your nose resulting in a swollen pear in your face?
Are you a liar i.e. writer/author/story teller?
Do you wash your ears regularly?
Are you really writing this?
What fucking time is it?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Why is a cat a cat and not a human being?
Why is a human being a human being and not a cat?
Why do you write about cats all the time?
Is Gato Barbieri a better sax player than Gerry Mulligan?
What happened to Monica Vitti?
Why are you so fucking complicated?
How come apples rot on their limbs if not picked?
Why do you write this shit?
Can you produce one good reason not to commit suicide?
Why am I a cat?

” Erik Frisch

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