fredag 25. april 2008

At the cat crossing

Rats, the cat murmured to himself
(there were nobody else in the vicinity)

Rats, Mr. Boffin (the cat) repeated
standing somewhat
at the pedestrian crossing
marking the intersection
of Imperial Avenue &
Cat’s Alley
picking up his attaché case
from the battered yet shining sidewalk
with a slight shudder

No point in beating about the Bush
Mr. Boffin sneered
to himself

Rodents and vermin
(still no one in sight)
he said in a loud voice
scratching his loin fervously
while handing a dog beggar
a dime or dollar bill
with south front paw

Let’s piss the Bush down
from root and up
tail flagging
Mr. Boffin declared

My fountain pen is sitting in my hind pocket
which once contained a testicle
ready to sign any peace treaty
including cats and the like (humans)
and my underbrush rubber boots
are easily accessible
- - hand sewn by creator - -
Mr. Boffin confidently told himself
in a subdued voice

Before crossing the street &
entering the stationary shop
to look for the map
with the Bush
scrupulously traced on it
ready to pin point
with cattish fountain pen
the actual location
in case of amnesia - -

” Erik Frisch, 2003

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